Benefits of aikido

Aikido Benefits

Fitness for 21st-century people

Our modern lifestyle not only takes its toll on our cardiovascular fitness, but also our posture, flexibility, mental resilience, and mood. Aikido is a great counter to these problems, focusing on correct posture, positive mind, stamina, and relaxation.

Aikido works the whole body, upper and lower, with a special focus on the core muscles of the abdomen, upper legs, and lower back. Training can be geared to strengthen and tone muscles, burn fat, increase flexibility and build stamina.

Aikido is fun!

Aikido has one big advantage over traditional fitness plans—it’s not boring! It is dynamic and exciting, and the level of challenge increases as your skills do. It inspires the imagination and keeps learners coming back year after year.

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Stress management

Aikido helps relieve over-stressed minds and bodies in two ways. First, you can burn up the excess energy that leads to tension and poor sleep. Second, you can achieve deep relaxation through meditation and breathing exercises.

Find yourself

Aikido is a modern martial art in the ancient tradition of bushido. Find in yourself the warrior who neither seeks trouble nor fears it.

Meet others like you

Aikido is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. The challenges of training and Aikido’s cooperative attitude promote a cheerful, friendly environment.

Aikido Benefits

Protect yourself

From a technical point of view, the purpose of learning a martial art like aikido is to learn self-defence techniques that can overcome an attacker's greater size or strength. Aikido is, therefore, an ideal martial art for women.

Do you ever feel afraid when:

  • walking home alone?
  • being bullied?
  • going into a public toilet?

By learning to pin, strike or stun an assailant, your attacker’s strength, speed, and weight will become your greatest weapons. Learn how your posture and attitude can say to others, "Don’t mess with me."