Classes for children


The dojo is a great place for kids to find a sense of belonging. It is a structured environment where they get to interact with adults and peers, all working toward a common goal. These features help children to develop long-term relationships and a sense of security.
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Through Aikido training, our students have learned how to turn the tables on bullies at school. The experience of standing up for themselves translates into their daily interactions as well, finding the courage to ask tough questions and stand their ground.
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One of our younger students told us, "I really look forward to grading so I can get my next belt. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I've put in a good effort."


Students get to meet other kids from a wider geographical area than they can at school, and look forward to socialising with a different group. They get to interact with kids of different ages and try on leadership roles.

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