Your first lesson is free!

You are welcome to join us on the mats for one free class, and two more paid classes before you decide to sign up as a nationally registered student with Aikido Kokikai Australia (AKA).

Special packages

Beginner packages are available for adults, which includes six months of classes, a free uniform, your first grading free, and many other benefits.

Family rates

We have a very popular system of family discounts for mat fees, just ask us.

National registration

Annual registration with Aikido Kokikai Australia is $90 for adults (16 yrs and above) and $45 for children (4 to 16 yrs). Bullockhead Creek dojo also requires an annual administration fee ($10 per adult and $5 per child) as part of annual registration. All students must subscribe to AKA before their fourth class. Registration allows students to grade for their next promotion, and to attend national and regional training events (some of these events include children's sessions). Registration renewal is due every July for all students.

Mat fees for adults and teenagers

Casual rates for students attending adults classes are $25 per class. Monthly mat fees are $80 ($75 concession or family discount). We also have annual passes for $700 ($650 concession or family discount).

Mat fees for children

Casual rates for students enrolled in children's classes are $15 per class. Term fees are $120 per child ($110 concession or family discount). This allows access to any number of classes during the school term. We also have annual passes for children at $400 ($350 concession or family discount).

Grading fees

Grading fees apply for both adults and children.

Child grading fees are $15 each for yellow, orange, red, green, blue and purple belts. Brown belt gradings are $20 and black belt gradings are $25.

Adult grading fees are set at the following rates:
6th Kyu: $40
5th Kyu: $50
4th Kyu: $60
3rd Kyu: $70
2nd Kyu and above are payable at Spring Camp, and rates are set by AKA.

We also sell uniforms ($80 for adults, $50 for children), and weapons (bokken, jo and tanto).