About Kokikai Aikido

Aikido (pronounced eye-key-dough) is a modern Japanese martial art that originated in the 20th century. Practitioners use dynamic throwing and pinning techniques that minimise an aggressor's power, regardless of an attacker's advantage in size or strength. Children from 4yrs and men and women to 70+yrs practice Aikido around the world. Doctors, engineers, students, police trainers, prison guards, and housewives all belong to Kokikai Aikido International.

Aikido teaches:
  • practical techniques of self-defense against single, multiple, and armed attackers,
  • sword and stick forms and techniques,
  • principles of intelligent self-defense,
  • meditation and breathing exercises,
  • calmness and relaxation.

Find out more about the many benefits of training in aikido.

Kokikai is a relaxed, natural form of Aikido based on the idea of using principles instead of set patterns. It was developed by Shuji Maruyama sensei in the mid 1980s and continues to be refined by him. Kokikai Aikido emphasizes minimizing effort to maximise effect. It is based on logical responses to attacks, with special attention to the realistic needs of modern-day life. 

Kokikai Aikido offers more than just an effective self-defense system. It is a way to learn to uncover hidden potential in each of us who trains. That potential may be physical, mental, social, spiritual, or something else altogether. 

Ultimately, Kokikai is about living our lives better today than we did yesterday. 

"Minimum effort for maximum effect" is achieved by following the four principles of Kokikai.

The four principles:

  1. Keep one point to develop calmness

  2. Relax progressively

  3. Find correct posture in everything

  4. Develop your positive mind

From the blog at Kotsu Kotsu:

Kokikai KanjiWhat does Kokikai mean?


Ko  "light," means "radiant" or "shining"

when used as an adjective.
Ki  usually translated as something like "life force," "health," "energy." Often translated into English as..."ki."
Kai  会 "association"

We can then translate Kokikai as "School of Radiant Ki."


Shuji Maruyama Sensei
Shuji Maruyama Sensei by James Moss