Over $700 worth of value for only $500!

Beginner packages for adults – what you get:

  • 6 months of unlimited training at our dojo (worth $450)
  • National AKA registration and dojo membership (worth $100)
  • Free uniform with badge (worth $85)
  • Free dojo t-shirt (worth $40)
  • Free 6th Kyu grading (worth $40).

This can be your cost-effective introduction to Kokikai Aikido. All aspects of training at Bullockhead Creek dojo will be covered in your first six months, including: non-aggressive, yet highly effective, self-defense theory and practice; discourse on the benefits of aikido in your everyday life; basic ki development exercises; exposure to weapons forms (bokken and jo kata) and the meaning behind their use; several Kokikai techniques, including those that will get you through your first grading; and an introduction to the wider Kokikai community in Australia, with opportunities to train in other dojos.

Please note that this is not the only avenue to begin training with us. You are welcome to begin with a free class, and pay as you go.
Contact us for more information, to purchase, visit our shop.